His most recent project is a series of beautiful composed portraits of people Barna has worked with in the past. The exhibition Go Tell the Women is a examination of the idealised perceptions of beauty build around the notions of light and dark in which the artist explores the contrast of the two. The project seen by the artist as a "remix of old photographs" it began as an interest to capture the duality of our personalities.

The images of Barna are weaving ambiguously thus the lightening process of the portraits embodies the angelic and demure characteristics of the subjects while the darkening process gives a sensation of sadness or even perversity of their nature. Sometimes the identity of the photographed women is rather vague, their silent presence and firm gaze lead to a pleasant and at the same time uncomfortable disruption in meaning, time and space that the viewer is invited to decipher. Often seeming to belong or to have descended from unknown worlds, where myth exceeds reality, here and now just to puzzle the curious minds of those who encounter them, these women tell the story of a different kind of beauty, which is not visible to the eye and cannot be found in magazines or billboards because its essence does not equal the physical appearance, with its rules and conventions embraced by a blind society.

Barna Nemethi is challenging conventions, and creates a provocative, hybrid photography that embraces fashion, portrait, erotica, and art elements, producing a highly stylised interpretation of elegant and decadent ways of life. Nemethi is also directing his attention towards making powerful, confrontational nudes. He conceived witty, erotic picture stories not only for the exhibition “Go Tell The Women” recently presented in Bucharest during the 9TH edition of NAG at GO Art Project Space."

Curated by Alina Bucur